Places to visit in Bodrum...

Bodrum Castle is well worth a visit. Built by the Knights of Rhodes between 1415 and 1437, the fortress became known as the Castle of St. Peter, it served as the sole place of refugee for all Christians on the West Coast of Asia during the time of the crusades. For over a century the castle served as a stronghold in the knight’s community.  Under Turkish care the castle has undergone several uses including a military base, a prison and a public bath and now it holds the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.  The curators take great pride in ensuring the museum is not simply a dusty collection of relics, but an inspiring and interactive experience which begins to do justice to the incredible and varied history of the area (exhibits include the remains and story of the Carian Princess; the 'secret museum' of ancient healing and the world's oldest shipwreck.  The castle provides outstanding views of the town and harbor.

The Amphi-theatre

The theatre is another witness to the great past of Bodrum. The ancient Greek amphitheatre overlooking the town is worth a visit as well.  The Bodrum amphitheatre dates from the 2nd century BC and originally seated 13,000 it was built during the Carian reign in the Hellenistic age (330 - 30 BC.). The theatre consists of three different sections: a place for the audience, a place for an orchestra and the stage. It became an open-air museum after the excavations in 1973.  In the last couple of years they started to do live concerts here which are on each week during the height of season.