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Bodrum Centre

Bodrum has become not only a tourist centre but also a visiting place for famous Turkish and foreign artists and also an art centre, which is a source of inspiration.

Two meters under the narrow streets of Bodrum lies 5000 years of history. A few monuments attest to this history: the castle, the Roman theatre, the Myndus Gate and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – the Mausoleum.
Bodrum used to be the home of the famous Greek historian Herodotus but for the past 25 years its been better known as a popular holiday resort.  The population jumps from 50,000 people to more than half a million during summer time.

Bodrum's whitewashed buildings snuggle up against the hillsides that rise above two semi-circular bays, separated by the imposing castle of St Peter. Restaurants catering for every taste line the picturesque harbour. Bodrum has long been renowned for its friendly and bohemian atmosphere and the atmosphere of the town can be enjoyed from the numerous cafes, bars and restaurants that line the harbour.

Bodrum is lively whatever the season. In the snaking streets of the town centre intimate cafes mingle with vigorous waterside bars. Many venues have live music whether it is traditional Turkish folk music, jazz or rock music.  There is also a good range of nightclubs on offer as well!

The town centre offers excellent shopping; shops are often open until midnight, and offer great deals on gold jewellery, leather, natural sponges, sandals and carpets.