Day trips from Gumusluk...


Although a long day its well worth the visit to Pamukkale!  The name means Cotton Castle in Turkish as the white waterfall looks a lot like a huge cotton castle.  Until recently visitors were able climb all over the collected pools of mineral water (travertines), but due to the number of visitors this was ruining the pools.  At the top of the hill there are various spas and hotels which allow you to swim in the hot, bubbly water which is a bit like swimming in hot Champaign. Also there are some man-made travertines that you can walk through to get the experience and view the real travertine’s which are only 10 - 20 feet away.

Whilst at the pools its worth visiting the adjacent Heriopolis, ancient Roman city and cemetery, which is part of this site and part of the admission cost.


This is a must do when in Turkey!  But the best time to visit is the months either side of July and August due to the heat.

 Ephesus is the best-preserved classical city on the Mediterranean; you will get a real feeling for what life was like in Roman times. Before the harbour silted up its was a  strategic coastal gateway to the Eastern World, which grew to be the second largest city in the Roman Empire, the site of a Christian shrine, and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Ephesus was a major feature in the New Testament and was one of the seven churches.  Other sights include the marble-paved Arcadian Way, 25,000 seated arena, Library of Celsius, the Agora, numerous temples, fountains and houses. For more information go to;


Dalyan is well worth the trip! Dalyan was the location for the film ‘African Queen’ , you really get the feeling that you are on a African river rather than in Turkey.  Here you can see the Lycian rock tombs, visit the ruins of ancient Caunos, sunbathe on the beautiful Iztuzu beach (Turtle Beach) and have a BBQ on the boat, finishing off your day with a visit to the mud baths.

 Greek Island of Kos

Ferries and hydrofoils sail from Turgutreis to Kos and take about 40 minutes.  Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates. There is plenty to see here such as; the Temple of Dionysus, the Asclepeion and the tree under which Hippocrates Oath was composed to name just a few of the places to be seen.

Whitewater Rafting

As well as being an thrilling action sport, rafting in Turkey is also an excellent way to see aspects of the country that most visitors never see. The routes are generally in remote areas which require a drive off the beaten track, through forests, mountain passes and traditional villages, before reaching the river.   The best place to do rafting from Gumusluk is on the Dalaman River which is near to Marmaris, Fethiye and Dalyan about 3 hours drive from Bodrum.  For more information go to Alternatif Tours.


Turkish Bath (Hamam)
This is a unforgettable part of your holiday. You get to start out in a Sauna then move onto a hot marble slab where you will scrubbed from head to toe, as all of your dead cells are wiped out then relax and drift away as you are lavishly covered with soapy bubbles while the masseur straightens out all of those knots and tense bits.

Windsurfing, Sailing

The best place to do windsurfing or kitesurfing on the bodrum peninsular is at Fener beach. This has the best wind in Bodrum and is one of the best spots in Turkey.  Its also great for all levels from beginners to expert and the equipment